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  • Agriculture and fisheries statistics

    Tables detailing various statistics related to agriculture and fisheries. Includes Total area of farmed land, value of export arable crops. For more details, see Agricultural...
  • Coronavirus (COVID-19): Number of coronavirus (COVID-19) tests and confirmed ...

    Table of negative tests, confirmed cases, pending results and deaths resultant from COVID-19 in Jersey, Channel Islands. This data is updated daily until further notice. The...
  • Coronavirus (COVID-19): operational status dashboard

    ​All the latest Government advice and updates concerning the status of services in respect of the coronavirus measures. The 3 categories of status are explained as follows:...
  • Monthly weather data

    Monthly measurements of weather for Jersey from 1981 onwards. Measurements include air and sea temperatures, rainfall, sunshine and air pressure. Data was collected by the...
  • Mean air temperatures

    Mean air temperature data since 1894 provided as monthly and annual totals. Temperatures in degree Celsius (°C). Updated monthly.
  • Sunrise and sunset times

    Daily sunrise and sunset times since 2015. Times are local. Updated annually.
  • Rainfall

    Rainfall data since 1894 provided as monthly and annual totals. Rainfall is measured in millimetres. Updated monthly.
  • Health and safety

    Statistics from the Health and Safety Inspectorate.
  • Jersey Water statistics

    Statistics on water usage and the water pipe network in Jersey, provided by Jersey Water. Additional information is available in Jersey Water annual reports and annual water...
  • House Price Index

    Data tables from the Jersey House Price Index. Includes quarterly, and annual index numbers together with mean average prices for different types of dwellings.
  • Customs statistics

    Statistics on impôts and other customs duties, imported goods, and seizures of illegal goods. Further information is available in Customs and Immigration annual reports...
  • Policing and Crime Statistics

    Statistics on policing and crime. States of Jersey Police publications are available here, including annual reports and performance statistics.
  • Tourism Statistics

    Tourism statistics including number of visitors, number of staying leisure visitors, registered bed spaces and average length of stay.
  • Government of Jersey accounts

    Government accounts for income, expenditure and reserves.
  • Better Life Index

    Data sets from the Jersey Better Life Index report (Based on the OECD framework)
  • Freedom of Information data and statistics

    This dataset includes the total valid Freedom of Information (FOI) requests received, the volume of Departments' FOI requests and responses, who's making the most FOI requests...
  • Government of Jersey reports

    Business plans, annual reports and strategies from Government of Jersey departments.
  • Business Tendency Survey

    The quarterly Business Tendency Survey provides qualitative information about the Island’s economy. The latest business tendency reports are available here.
  • Inflation (RPI, RPIX, RPI pensioners, RPI low income)

    RPI, RPI(X), RPI(Y), RPI (pensioners) and RPI (low income) percentage changes and index numbers
  • Greenhouse gas emissions

    Jersey is a signatory, through the UK, to the Kyoto protocol and the International Convention on Climate Change. Jersey agreed to lower greenhouse gas emissions by 80% from 1990...
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