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  • Covid Support Scheme Statistics

    Data in respect of Covid related Government support schemes. This includes: Coronavirus Government Co-Funded Payroll Scheme Visitor Accommodation Support Scheme (VASS) Fixed...
  • Average Earnings Index

    Data tables from the annual survey of average earnings. More information on average earnings is available here, including the latest report on average earnings.
  • Jersey Water statistics

    Statistics on water usage and the water pipe network in Jersey, provided by Jersey Water. Additional information is available in Jersey Water annual reports and annual water...
  • Agriculture and fisheries statistics

    Tables detailing various statistics related to agriculture and fisheries. Includes total area of farmed land, value of export arable crops. For more details, see Agricultural...
  • Waste Management Statistics

    Waste recycled (including composting) by type of material in tonnes
  • Future Housing Needs

    Data tables from the Jersey’s Future Housing Needs report.
  • 2011 Census data tables

    Data tables from the 2011 Jersey Census. The 2011 Jersey census took place on Sunday 27 March 2011.
  • Crime and Policing Statistics

    Crime and Policing Statistics
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