The Government of Jersey is the government of the Island of Jersey. Jersey's Council of Ministers has committed to openness, transparency and accountability in government, and has an agenda to secure improvement in this area. As part of this agenda, the Government of Jersey and States Assembly will begin to publish some of the data which it collects as open data.

This site provides a catalogue of the datasets made available under Jersey's Open Government Licence and Open States Assembly Licence in order that potential users can discover the data that is available, understand how it can be used, and download it in a variety of formats.

Using information on

There is no need to apply for licence to use information provided on

The Chief Minister has authority to license the use of information on this site which is subject to States copyright and States database right. The Chief Minister offers the information hosted on for re-use under the terms of the Open Government Licence – Jersey v1.0 (OGL-J).

Users simply need to ensure that their use of the information provided on this site complies with the terms of the OGL-J.

The OGL–J is a simple set of terms and conditions that facilitates the re-use of public sector information free of charge. There are no charges for using information licensed under the OGL-J on

The attribution statement

When using information provided on this site, other than information and material created by you, the OGL-J requires you to include an attribution statement. In the case of information obtained from, you should cite the information you used and, include the following statement:

Accessed on and licensed for use under the Open Government Licence – Jersey v1.0

You should also include a hyperlink to the OGL-J.